1. First of all the form is needed to be filled out and the procedure is explained.
  2. The shade of teeth is taken and recorded. Then in the end is compared to new shade.
  3. The vaseline with vitamin E is applied on the lips to lubricate and protect them from drying from UV light.
  4. Other step is fitting the cheek retractor/mouth opener under the lips. Cheek retractor helps to keep the lips away from teeth and leave an access for UV light.
  5. Next step is applying whitening gel on your teeth. Before the applying of gel is using accelerator in liquid used for better whitening result of gel. Usually is whitened first 8-10 lower and 8-10 upper front teeth.
  6. After when is the gel applied on teeth is exposed uner the UV light for period 15 minutes. This process is repeated 3 times. After every 15 minutes is the light removed and new gel is applied on teeth again. The UV light accelerate oxidation of gel and speed up process of whitening.
  7. In the end is new shade taken and compared to old shade. The result is recorded to have an history of how was the whitening successful. For best result is good to have the teeth cleaned.
Teeth whitening process